About Proton


In order to become a global and modern automotive brand, PROTON is ambitious. The "Inspiring Connections" tagline summarizes the aspiration of the company to use technology and versatility along with the official logo of a roaring tiger that symbolizes progress to success.

Previously, PROTON depended heavily on its domestic sales and revenue business. At present, with the quantities of Proton Cars shipped to many other countries in Asia, in addition to the United Kingdom and Australia, the situation tends to change.

In the 1990s, the corporation kept a broader global distribution network, covering all continents and more than 70 nations, planning to regain a global presence in the maximum part of the world with more sales by 2020.

Our Mission

Inspiring Connections is about reconnecting to the humanity within us to create real connections. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we believe we can build stronger relationships, bridging distances between people, relationships, innovation, and create stronger bonds to a better future for mobility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to offer the top level of Products and services to our customers. Standing out as a brand committed entirely to technology, science, and development. Make cars that fit your character and the feeling of driving your dream car.

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